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The Book of Jesus

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Chapter One
The Word
The Birth of John the Baptist Foretold
The Birth of Jesus Foretold
Mary Visits Elizabeth
The Birth of John the Baptist
The Genealogy of Jesus According to Matthew
Mary and Joseph
The Birth of Jesus and the Visit of the Shepherds
Jesus is Presented at the Temple
The Visit of the Wisemen
The Flight Into Egypt and Return to Nazareth
Jesus Among the Teachers
Chapter Two
The Word (continued)
The Preaching of John the Baptist
Genealogy of Jesus According to Luke
The Baptism of Jesus
The Temptation in the Wilderness
The Witness of John the Baptist
The Lamb of God
The Wedding at Cana in Galilee
Chapter Three
The Money Changers at the Temple
Nicodemus and Jesus
The Last Witness of John the Baptist
The Samaritan Woman at the Well
The Nobleman's Son is Cured
The Cure of a Sick Man at the Pool of Bethzatha
John the Baptist is Imprisoned
Jesus Returns to Galilee
Jesus at the Synagogue in Nazareth
Chapter Four
Simon, Andrew, James and John Follow Jesus
The Man Possessed by a Demon in Capernaum
Simon's Mother-In-Law is Cured
More Cures by Jesus
Jesus Leaves Capernaum and Travels Through Galilee
Cure of a Paralyzed Man
The Call of Matthew Levi
Eating With Sinners
New Wine in Old Wine Skins
The Sabbath Was Made for Man
Doing Good on the Sabbath
The Prophecy of Isaiah
The Crowds Follow Jesus
Appointment of the Twelve
The Crowds
Chapter Five
The Sermon on the Mount
Chapter Six
Cure of a Leper
The Centurion's Faith
The Widow's Son is Restored to Life
The Question of John the Baptist
The Witness of Jesus and John the Baptist Rejected
The Lake Towns Refuse to Repent
The Woman Who Was a Sinner
The Woman Who Accompanied Jesus
The Concern of Jesus' Relatives
The Brothers and Mother of Jesus
Parable of the Sower
Parable of the Wheat and the Darnel
Parable of the Mustard Seed
Parable of the Yeast
More Parables of the Kingdom
Explanation of the Parable of the Wheat and the Darnel
Further Comparisons of the Kingdom
The Calming of the Storm
Chapter Seven
Jesus Casts Out Legion
The Woman Who Touches Jesus' Cloak and the Daughter of Jairus
Cure of the Two Blind Men
Cure of a Mute Possessed by a Demon
Jesus Returns to Nazareth
The Twelve Are Sent Out
The Disciples Instructions
Herod and Jesus
John the Baptist is Beheaded
The First Miracle of the Loaves
Jesus Walks on the Water
Cures at Gennesaret
The Discourse in the Capernaum Synagogue
Chapter Eight
The Disbelief of Jesus' Brothers
The Feast of Tabernacles at Jerusalem
The Woman Accused of Adultery
The Testimony of Jesus
The Unbelieving Jews are Warned
The Children of Abraham
The Blind Man is Cured
The Good Shepherd
The Feast of Dedication
Chapter Nine
The Traditions of the Pharisees
Things That Make a Man Unclean
The Daughter of the Cananite Woman Healed
The Deaf Man is Healed
Jesus Cures the Crowds Near the Lake
The Second Miracle of the Loaves
The Pharisees Ask for a Sign
The Yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees
Cure of a Blind Man From Bethsaida
Jesus Acknowledges to be the Christ
Carrying Your Own Cross
Chapter Ten
The Transfiguration
The Boy with Epilepsy
The Temple Tax Paid by Jesus and Peter
Who is the Greatest
Leading Others to Sin
Parable of the Lost Sheep
Correcting Your Brother
Parable of the Unforgiving Debtor
Chapter Eleven
The Trek To Jerusalem Begins
Seventy-Two Disciples are Sent Out
Jesus Rejoices
The Good Samaritan
Martha and Mary
Persistence in Prayer
Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit
A Man is Judged by His Words
Return of the Unclean Spirit
The Truly Happy
The Sign of Jonah
The Parable of the Lamp
The Pharisees and the Lawyers Attacked
Open and Fearless Speech
Storing Up Possessions
Seek the Kingdom First
The Faithful and Wise Servant
Discernment of the Times
Chapter Twelve
Parable of the Barren Fig Tree
The Crippled Woman is Healed
Who Will Be Saved
Healing of the Man with Dropsy
Renouncing All That One Has
The Lost Sheep
The Prodigal Son
The Crafty Manager
The Law Remains
Lazarus and the Rich Man
Entrapping Others
Forgiving Your Brother
The Power of Faith
Being Humble Servants
The Ten Lepers
The Kingdom Comes Without Notice
The Days of the Son of Man
The Widow and the Judge
The Tax Collector and the Pharisee
Chapter Thirteen
The Question of Divorce
Jesus and the Children
The Rich Young Man
The Danger of Riches
Reward of Those Following Christ
Parable of the Vineyard Laborers
Jesus Clarifies His Death
James and John Make Their Request
Parable of the Pounds
Bartimaeus, the Blind Man
Chapter Fourteen
The Resurrection of Lazarus
The Leaders Plot to Kill Jesus
Jesus is Anointed at Bethany
Jesus Enters Jerusalem
Walking in the Light
The Unbelief of the Jews
The Barren Fig Tree
The Temple Merchants
The Withered Fig Tree
Chapter Fifteen
The Authority of Jesus is Questioned
Parable of the Two Sons
Parable of the Vineyard
Parable of the Wedding Feast
Paying Taxes
The Resurrection of the Dead
The Greatest Commandment
David's Lord
The Scribes and Pharisees Condemned
Further Condemnation of the Scribes and Pharisees
The Message to Herod
Jerusalem Admonished
The Widows Mite
Chapter Sixteen
The Destruction of the Temple
The Beginning of the Birthpangs
The Great Tribulation of Jerusalem
The Coming of the Son of Man
Parable of the Fig Tree
Remain on the Alert
The Faithful and Wise Servant
Parable of the Ten Bridesmaids
Parable of the Talents
The Separating of Mankind
Chapter Seventeen
The Conspiracy Against Jesus
Judas Betrays Jesus
Preparation for the Passover
The Last Supper
Jesus Washes the Feet of the Disciples
Satan Enters Judas
Reward Promised to the Disciples
Farewell Discourses
The True Vine
Hatred of the World Towards Jesus
The Spirit of Truth to be Sent
Jesus Has Conquered the World
The Prayer of Christ
Peter's Denial Foretold
Preparation for the Arrest
Chapter Eighteen
The Garden of Gethsemane
The Arrest of Jesus
Peter's Denial
Jesus Brought Before The Sanhedrin
Jesus is Delivered to Pilate
Jesus Before Pilate
Jesus Before Herod
Jesus Returned To Pilate
Chapter Nineteen
The Crucifixion
Jesus and His Mother
Jesus is Mocked
The Repentant Thief
The Death of Jesus
Jesus is Pierced
The Burial
Chapter Twenty
The Empty Tomb
The Leaders Take Precautions
Jesus Appears to Cleopas
Jesus Appears to the Eleven
The Compassion of Jesus
The Guard at the Tomb

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