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Jesus Christ, who is he! His life and words have been the source of controversy, debate and study for over 2,000 years. He has been quoted and mis-quoted by Presidents and dignitaries. Thousands of books have been written about him; explaining him, discrediting him and praising him. Many of the greatest artists of our world have attempted to capture pieces of his life in canvas and stone. Music in all styles has been written about and for him. The life and words of Jesus have impacted the world with such magnitude that all races, cultures and nations; Christian and non-Christian alike, have been affected by them. Whether or not you personally believe or accept the Bible record of his life and its' implications, does not negate the fact that our lives today have all been touched by the events depicted in the accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Many years ago on the advise of a friend, I attempted to read these four books of the Bible with the hope of finding out for myself what truths were and were not contained. The more I read, the more it became evident just how difficult it was to piece together the information covered. Questions were asked in one account and answered in another. The chronology, or time line of events, is not always presented in the same manner in each account. The circumstances leading up to and following a particular event are interwoven between all four books with each account having a necessary piece of the complete picture. In order to help fit these pieces together, this project was started.

In this book, the events set forth in the four Gospels have been harmonized into a single, chronological account. As you read, please keep in mind that this text was never intended to replace or invalidate the accounts preserved in the various Biblical records that have been preserved and translated throughout the years. It is however, one man's interpretation of how the events might have unfolded. In closing, I hope that you read this text with an open mind; deriving your own conclusions as your conscience, faith, and beliefs direct you. My sincere best wishes to you.

Dennis F. McCorkle, circa 1947 -

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